Danielle Jaeggi

France / 2008 / 67'

The myths of Sanitoria were immortalised by Thomas Mann’s novel The Magic Mountain,, making them a metaphor for Europe running into the abyss of the First World War. Over a period of about fifty years of activity, during the first half of the 20th century, all the protagonists on the great stage of the world (Luftwaffe officers and high officers of the American Army, extermination camps survivors and Gestapo officers) are gathered in this place according to unimaginable cohabitation rules. This film takes us to a world apart, on the sunny peaks of the Swiss Alps, inside an elegant Art Deco building where time seems to have halted; a world of special relationships, melancholies and suppressed desperation. Echoes from the real world are lost in these walls, where the ill have the possibility to cultivate their passion for art, philosophy and spirituality. Mann wrote that some people considered tuberculosis "a spiritual disease that raises human desires and makes the patients more noble minded”.


Danielle Jaeggi

She was born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1945. After studying cinema and aesthetics at the University of Geneva, she moved to Paris where she took a Phd in aesthetics. Since then she has dedicated herself to cinema and audiovisuals, collaborating with international productions and broadcasters. She is currently working as a professor at the University Paris VIII. Her rich filmography includes: The girl of Prague (1978), The Arch of Nam June (1980), Takis (1981), Very close to the border (1982), Mon tout premier baiser (1984), Losing touc (1992) and In the field of stars (2000).

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