Ba Yue Shi Wu

Xuan Jiang

China / 2008 / 22'

Inspired by a real story: a Chinese girl and her boyfriend get on the bus, which will take them to her parents’ house across the mountain area of China. Suddenly their delightful trip is completely changed when a couple of delinquents hijack the bus. From that moment, all the passengers will have to decide how much they are prepared to sacrifice to protect their safety and preserve their dignity. “I felt anger when I read the stories that the movie was based on,” the director Xuan Jlang recalls, “Despite the lack of photos, the faces of the people on that bus remained impressed in my mind. Some people may consider this situation normal, but I cannot accept it. I looked at people’s faces both on the street and the metro and I could not stop wondering if one of them was a passenger on that bus. At that point I decided to make a movie about those silent faces and those moments in life where a choice can completely change who we are”.


Xuan Jiang

Xuan Jiang, writer and director, graduated at the Beijing Broadcasting Institute in 2001 and started working in television production at the News Corporation China. With the ambition of shooting her own stories, in 2004 she enrolled at the California Institute of the Arts, specialising in film directing. She wrote and directed the movie for her graduation degree August 15th (Ba Yue Shi Wu), selected at Cannes Festival in 2008 and winner of a special mention at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, the most famous American festival of independent cinema in the world.

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