Raphaël Lassablière, Gilles Chappaz

France / 2008 / 69'

Over his 30-year career, Patrick Berhault carried out unique, spectacular and sensational enterprises. Always in the name of humanity, humility and moral principles, Berhault was a unique and outstanding character: a real artist of vertical walls, whose death on the Dom ridge in 2004 was a great shock - not just among the mountaineering community. Beyond the indelible mark he left behind him, do we really know who Patrick Berhault was? Do we really know this hero who has been worshipped by many generations of both amateur and professional mountaineers and free-climbers? How could he love and get on with everybody in a world where meanness and jealousy are rife? This documentary film aims to answer all these questions. Patrick Edlinger, one of his longstanding friends, Laurent Chevallier, director of his first films and Philippe Magnin, his last roped-party partner lead us in Berhault’s public and more private universe, with exceptional accounts that help us to understand this outstanding mountaineer’s personality, commitment and choices.


Raphaël Lassablière

Lassablière is a director, cameraman and editor. Ha has worked as cameraman in extreme conditions in various places worldwide, developing his natural inclination for the production of adventure videos. Since 1998 he has worked for the French production company Migoo Productions. He has already worked with Gilles Chappaz, with whom he made the multi-award winning film Sur le fil des 4000 (Golden Gentian for the Mountaineering section at TrentoFilmfestival in 2005).

Gilles Chappaz

Born in 1953 in Chamoniard, France, Gilles Chappaz is a journalist, television consultant, ski instructor and member of the Higher Council of Mountain Sports. He is the film producer for Migoo Productions, which specialises in making mountain films. He works on the production of France 3’s programme Montagne Magazine. As a director, he has made a host of documentaries and films about skiing and the mountains, including Sur le fil des 4000, Lignes de Pente, Berhault, La Voie Terray and Extrement Votre. He has taken part in numerous editions of the Trento Film Festival.

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