Bocca, occhi, orecchie. Un viaggio nelle Alpi albanesi

Davide Sighele, Micol Cossali

Italy / 2009 / 29'

Monica teaches Albanology in Lecce, Gianni is Arbëreshë and comes from Calabria, Michael teaches Indo-European in Leiden, the Netherlands. They are university researchers and professors with a passion for language: linguists and dialectologists. An unusual profession for which they usually work with books, but this time they have decided to work on location. Following the traces of adjectives, pronouns and verbs they have identified particular phenomena in the North-Western Thethi and Vermosh valleys of Albania, and it is there that they are heading. To work they only need paper, pen and a good ear. And of course many meetings with the local people who can still speak the Northern dialect, the gheg, which has not been spoken for decades due to the standardisation of the language imposed by Enver Hoxha’s regime. The film deals with the ten-day journey with Monica, Gianni, Michael and their collaborators, walking among creeks, fields and peasants’ homes in search of words. They are surrounded by the majestic Albanian Alps, in a little know area and for, this little contaminated; an isolated area where harsh traditional laws are still in force. Following research among minority cultures of the enlarged Europe, Bocca, occhi, orecchie makes a portrait of an unusual job and casts a very particular look on today’s Albania, its mountains and fascinating culture.


Davide Sighele

He graduated in International and diplomatic Sciences at the University in Trieste. He has worked as professional journalist for the online “Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso” since 2002. He worked in cooperation for development in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo for NGOs and International agencies. He is the author of several news reports published in national and local papers and magazines (D di Repubblica, Avvenimenti, Diario, Avvenire, L'Unità, Il Manifesto). In the past years he has participated in the editing and direction of several video projects as a journalist. Bocca, occhi, orecchie. Un viaggio nelle Alpi albanesi is his first documentary film as a director.

Micol Cossali

Micol Cossali graduated in Aesthetic Philosophy from the University of Verona and also attended the Fare Cinema workshop run by Marco Bellocchio. She has worked as director’s assistant on several film and television productions and also works in audio-visual language training. She has directed several short films and documentaries. In 2010, she took part in the TrentoFilmfestival with "Di padre in figlia" and "Minór", and in 2011 with "Chiafura".

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