Seyed Sattar Chamani Gol

Iran / 2008 / 10'

An Iraqi family sets off on a journey between the mountains on the border with Iran. They have to cross the country to take the bride to be to her imminent wedding. But at the border they have to deal with a dull officer who doesn’t want them to cross. No plea makes him desist from being so strict and the party has to stay at the border. The bride to be will be obliged to walk in the snow along a long and winding road, crossing a mountain pass to finally be able to reach her land.


Seyed Sattar Chamani Gol

Seyed Sattar Chamani Gol is an Iranian director and producer. He works for the independent production house Setak Film in Teheran. He shot five fictional shorts and three documentaries, including One day full of pain (2008).

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