Italy / 2009 / 52'


The Trentino expedition to the Patagonia Andes in 1957-58 was the first of a long series that led the mountaineers of our province to climb several important Patagonian peaks. Recently we have found some fragments of the film about this expedition which were considered lost and that even at the time had been seen by very few people.
The witnesses were:
Claudio Ambrosi, Armando Aste, Franco De Battaglia, Betulla Detassis, Jalla Detassis, Stella Detassis, Valentina Eccher, Josef Espen, Franco Giacomoni, Franco Giovannini, Gastone Golini, Cesare Maestri, Mario Manica, Ulisse Marzatico, Elio Orlandi, Franco Pedrotti, Guido Stenico, Fabrizio Torchio and Pietro Voltolini.
The original film and photos of the Trentino expedition to the Patagonia Andes are by LUCIANO ECCHER, the photo album of Marino Stenico is courtesy of her daughter CRISTINA STENICO MAFFEI, all the other documents and items come from the BIBLIOTECA DELLA MONTAGNA-ARCHIVIO STORICO SAT. (The mountain library – SAT Historical archives)

In memory of:
Bruno and Catullo Detassis, Marino Stenico, Luciano Eccher, Cesarino Fava and Tito Lucchini



He studied at the University of Bologna, graduating in contemporary history. From 1989 to 1995 he produced hundreds of reports for the main Italian and foreign television networks as a video reporter. In 1994 he was one of the founder members of the production company FilmWork and he also works with the Museo Storico del Trentino; a great mountain enthusiast, he has made numerous documentaries of an historical and anthropological nature, winning a number of national and international prizes.

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