Cosmic Station

Bettina Timm

Germany / 2008 / 30'

Mount Aragaz is the highest mountain in Armenia. At 3,500 metres what is left of a prestigious project of the former Soviet Union can still be seen: Aragats cosmic rays Research Station. This special government division used to gather the best physicists in Russia, with the purpose of studying the secrets of the universe. Over one hundred men and women used to live at this station, daily searching for information about distant galaxies and studying the particles created by cosmic radiation. Most investigators left the station when the funding stopped following the fall of the Soviet regime. Unbelievably, some Armenian scientists still reside on the top of this mountain today, living like ghosts in these old buildings exposed to the elements, forgotten by the world and the institutions, but supported by their faith in science and their passion for research.


Bettina Timm

She was born in Munich in 1977. After completing her German studies, she studied cinema and television at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film in Munich, graduating in documentary film-making. In 2001 she founded the production company Pelle Film. Her filmography includes: Die Ohrenmeisterin (2000), Herr Zhu (2004), Menschen in Bayern (2005) and Draussen Bleiben (2007), Run out (2007), Cosmic Station (2008), Chef to be (2010), This will be the life (2010), Hundsbuam (2011), Kiran (2012)

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