Mi-Sun Park

South Korea, Bolivia / 2007 / 84'

Traditionally in the mining villages of Bolivia, women are only allowed to collect a small raw mineral from the waste rocks left outside the mines. But in Chorolque, a small tin producing village located at 5,600 metres above the sea level, women are allowed to work inside the mines. Here there are about twenty women miners who work with about a hundred men. Pasquale was the first woman to work in the mine, eighteen years ago. Andrea, Carmela and her daughter Rosa, are now following in her footsteps. The film is about their lives, difficult but also full of tenderness and sympathy. It is the story of three women who, not having husbands or fathers to take care of them, manage to deal with everyday life and survive with dignity.


Mi-Sun Park

Park Mi-Sun was born in Seul in 1969. Since 1996 she has worked as a screenwriter, director and producer of independent documentary films for television. Her first documentary Children under the manhole cover, participated in the Taiwan International Festival and received several international awards. Mi-Sun Park has recently specialised taking a Master degree in Art & Media at the Sogang University. Her filmography includes: Little giants of ice rink (2002), I am not sad (2006) and Child miner (2006).

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