Der Mesner und die Dreigroschenoper

Melanie Brugger

Italy / 2007 / 41'

Kematen. What does man need to live a happy life on the Earth? Although he does not own much, Oswald Mur has made his great dream come true and 10 years ago built his own private chapel, including statues, paintings and decorations, all made by himself. At the same time, Oswald loves music and in particular “The Three Penny Opera”, in spite of “the deep evil that it reveals”. Oswald lives in solitude, with only the company of his God - for whom he rings the bells - and of his beloved cat "Poppele". Careless of social conventions, he created his own world living on the borders of the outer world. The film takes us inside a small universe, where all the things, even the most trivial, are made with great love and where the infallibility of the human being is tenderly tested. What type of life do we aspire to? Do we have to adapt and live the life of others or do we have to choose our own destiny to find happiness, ignoring, if necessary, the social conventions?


Melanie Brugger

She was born in Friedrichshafen (Germany) in 1976. Since 2004 she has attended the ZeLIG – School of documentary film, television and new media of Bolzano, specialising in photography. During her studies she also worked as a camerawoman for RAI, Radio Televisione Italiana. Le chiavi per il paradiso, Il sacrestano and L'opera da tre soldi are her diploma films at the ZeLIG.

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