Der Pfad des Kriegers Der Pfad des Kriegers Der Pfad des Kriegers


Germany, Italy, Switzerland / 2008 / 86'

The Way of a Warrior is the story of Michael, a young Jesuit priest from Bolzano who went to Bolivia in the Eighties. On his arrival he decided to leave the Jesuits confraternity to become "Comandante Miguel", the leader of a revolutionary group. In 1990, together with his group, he kidnapped a Coca Cola manager and was killed by the police during the hostage rescue operation. The film tells how religion and politics can blend together in a very radical way and casts a light on the story of a man who was ready to make the extreme sacrifice in the name of his ideology and faith.



He was born in Bolzano (Italy) in 1967 where he attended the Zelig film school. He studied Philosophy and Cinema first at the University of Bologna and later at the University of Berlin, where he graduated in1996. While he was a student he made several short films, videos and installations that were acknowledged in festivals and exhibitions. Since the end of the 90s he has focused on documentary film-making and has written scripts for documentary films. Many of his films have been produced by the main European broadcasters (ZDF, Arte, ORF, RAI, YLE, Ikon, 3Sat) and screened in several international festivals. In 2005 he presented Le mie tre cime at TrentoFilmfestival. In 2004 he received the prestigious German Award “Adolf Grimme” as director of Call me Babylon. In 2005 he was the co-founder of the Miramonte Film. He currently works as author and director in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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