Stefano Saverioni

Italy / 2008 / 58'

The parish of Don Filippo Lanci is not a parish like others. Going up the narrow and charming roads along the slopes of the highest mountain in the Apennines, il Gran Sasso d'Italia, you can reach Pietracamela, Cerqueto and Intermesoli, small and lonely villages of the Abruzzi that cling to the rocks and are almost uninhabited. Once the period of summer holidays is over, only a few elderly people and families live in those stone houses where in winter with the high snow it is quite easy to become isolated. So the centuries-old churches get emptier and emptier, the lanes and streets get deserted, the pastures and valleys seem silent. Only the intense wind rises up from the screes and slopes to the peaks of the mountain, whereas the toll of the bell towers chant in the silence that surrounds everyday life, the seasons and the years. These places look like a mystical romantic landscape, but are also hard internally exiled areas, where solitude is stronger than faith. In this boundary area, where a simple humanity rich with traditions still exists, the young and restless priest finds his way, through his questions and dreams, to better understand himself and his relationship with God.


Stefano Saverioni

Stefano Saverioni was born in 1977. He is a documentary film-maker, director of photography and cameraman. In 2000, after attending the two-month preparatory course, specialising in editing, at the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema in Rome, he worked for the video production centre Mediatime in Teramo and for L&R Communications in Rome, collaborating with the major television broadcasts of the Abruzzi and Italy. In 2005 he graduated in Environmental Sciences at the University of l'Aquila with a dissertation on the use of digital media in the analysis of the landscape. He is a member of the board of Bambun, an association for the ethno-anthropologic and visual research in the Abruzzi region. He lives and works in Teramo and Rome.

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