Dove le montagne si chiudono

Fabio Gianotti

Italy / 2008 / 50'

A journey into the memory of Valle Stura during the Second World War to tell about its inhabitants and locations. A documentary to show history from another perspective to give voice to those people who saw and experienced the war first hand. These are the people who can tell the truth about history before it is re-written, re-interpreted, mediated and deprived of its emotional and human impact.


Fabio Gianotti

Fabio Gianotti was born in Turin in 1978. He graduated at DAMS (Show, music and art disciplines school) in Turin and started his career as a director collaborating with some organisations in documentary and commercial production. In 2007 he founded the cultural association Kosmoki with Silvia Bongiovanni, for the production of documentaries, shorts and videos in collaboration with private and public organisations. His filmography includes: Nani di pietra giganti di carta (2005), Otnel e Ecolev (2006) and I ribelli del Tajarè (2008).

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