Karamjeet Singh

India / 2008 / 27'

It is an exhaustive chronicle of exploration and mountaineering in the Himalayas, seen through eighty years of history of the "Himalayan Club". However, the film goes further back in history, discovering the origins of the Himalayan myth. Starting with the ancient times, the film traces the early trade routes and pilgrimages, moving up to current explorations and mountaineering of the present day. The Himalayas have been the scene of ongoing searching, adventure and challenge, but they are also the common ground for remote and different cultures where they can share the elements of the earth. The Himalayas can be still considered an actual myth for mankind, a symbol, like the Odyssey, of man’s challenge.


Karamjeet Singh

Karamjeet Singh was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. He graduated in Political Sciences. The Himalayas and film production have always been part of his life, as his father, Serbjeet Singh, is a well-known film-maker and artist who participated in TrentoFilmfestival with The Avalanche in 1965. Karamjeet has been in film production for over twenty years. He wrote and directed TV series as well as independent documentary films, including: The Southward Migration of the Demoiselle cranes (1990), Birth of the Ganga (1992), Himalaya Watch (1994), Kashmir: The Complete story (1999), Living on a Prayer (2001) and Destination Himalaya (2005).

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