Expedition Manaslu

Carsten Maaz

Germany / 2008 / 30'

Expedition Manaslu is the account of an enterprise by two extreme climbers from Bavaria, Benedikt Böhm and Sebastian Haag’s: the speed climb of “Manaslu”, 8,163 metres, in Nepal. In 2007 the two climbers left for Nepal, with the young French mountaineer Nicola Bonnet. Their plan was to ascend the Manaslu summit in speed sport climbing and then descend in speed, through the "death zone". The weather conditions were extremely adverse. Everyone had to stay calmly waiting at the base camp for the perfect day to set off. Finally, after several attempts, the expedition succeeded in climbing and fixing the upper camps, but a terrible avalanche swept away most of the camp and equipment. At only 200 metres from the summit, the young mountaineers had to face a difficult decision.


Carsten Maaz

Carsten Maaz was born in Düsseldorf in 1970. After working in several film productions, he continued his studies of photography and advertising at the Munich Academy of Television & Film in Munich. A selection of his films include: All Through the Night (1999), David (2000), Welcome to the Club (2001), The Laughing Ghost (2002), Yuki (2003), The Window to Moonlight Street (2003), The Secret Letter (2004), and the documentaries The Voice of Light (2005), Trickster of the Moment (2005) and Maui Boyz (2007).

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