Javad Vatani

Iran / 2008 / 10'

An elderly woman always goes up to the mountain on Thursdays to tie a knot on a sacred tree, as a vow. The road is long and impracticable and the woman walks wearily with her walking stick, trying to not fall into the deep snow. Although she is tired, she is determined to go on. One day, near the sacred tree, the woman meets an old man who had been her admirer many years earlier and who can now finally declare his love for her, even if thirty years have passed since that earlier time.


Javad Vatani

Javad Vatani was born in Iran in 1969. He graduated in film-making in his country and works as an assistant director in full-length films at home and abroad. He was the author of Gere and other short films, for which he was awarded in international festivals such as the Frisbourg Festival and the Med Film Festival.

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