Il Carnevale di "S. Plonia"

Angelo Apolloni

Italy / 2008 / 38'

This documentary talks about the Sunday and “Mardi gras” of the Carnival held in Dosoledo, Comelico Superiore in the province of Belluno. It describes the typical masks of this carnival, travelling through it showing different rituals, sketches and dances over the two-day period. The images of the carnival show alternately with those of the festival involving the whole village. Matazins and Matazere, the typical figures of this carnival, dance all day long with the people coming from other villages. Some local craftsmen describe the story of this tradition and show their work: original masks made for the protagonists of the carnival. As part of the festival there is the performance of a fiction comedy, the Ciudruzu d’Oro, which represents the climax of these feast days.


Angelo Apolloni

Angelo Appolloni was born in Sciaffusa (Switzerland) in 1972. He graduated in humanities, specialising in anthropology. He has collaborated with the documentary film-maker Marco Preti in Oman and Isola della Réunion. His short on sport climbing Il favoloso mondo dell’Idoletto, was awarded at the Bouldering Film Festivals in Rome and Spoleto.

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