GIUSEPPE BARESI, Pier Paolo Giarolo

Italy / 2009 / 52'

This documentary film is divided into several separate chapters, like the movements of a sonata. The images adapt to the logic of music, following a sort of score where the various chapters are marked with musical terms: allegro, allegretto con brio, pianissimo and crescendo.
Each chapter investigates a subject of great interest to Brunello: the lack of research of the “good sound”, the relationship between music and nature, music and expression, and music and spiritual life.
Each chapter is also marked by a performance and thus characterised by a well defined sound space: the concert hall, the Passo Sella natural location, the desert, the plexiglass box... an ideal situation in which to express a concept and let us see into its world.
In the linking shots the camera shows Brunello’s point of view: he is playing the cello and almost lets us come into physical contact with his instrument. We have the feeling of actually playing ourselves: we can see his hands zoomed in as if they were ours. We come into close contact with the musician as much as possible as if we were the musician.
The documentary is also a story, an itinerary of different thought stages leading to the final performance. Step by step, Brunello explains how he is going to perform, and the linking shots are the pieces he needs to create this great performance.
He lets us listen to the music, teaching us how to listen.
In the last chapter he suggests that all these themes flow together and harmonise in the final performance. This is an incomplete chapter because we cannot actually see but only guess what the performance will be. We are backstage with him until a few moments before his entrance on the stage for the performance, which is when the documentary actually ends.



Pier Paolo Giarolo

After the piano diploma at the Conservatory of Vicenza, Pier Paolo opened a graphic design studio and then he left on the journey in the documentary world. He has now obtained the license for travelling cinema and is trying to learn the job with purposes of rigour and elegance. In the last years he has also worked as a director of photography for Italian and French documentaries.

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