La culla delle aquile

Alessandro Pugno

Italy / 2008 / 53'

This is the story of some people who, living isolated from the modern world, have maintained innocence and a distant lifestyle completely different from those of their urban and suburban fellow citizens. Guido, Giuliana, Anna, Francis and the other characters in this story have made a life choice: always to stay in contact with nature. They live in a village that clings to the Ligurian Alps, their roots in the mountain where they find their daily means of sustenance. There are few inhabitants there, but they are never alone, living their day-to-day life to the full and taking care of each other. By taking care of their small village and keeping its memory intact, they guard the cradle for the future of mankind.


Alessandro Pugno

He is a young director from Turin, born in 1983. He graduated in philosophy at the University in Bologna in 2006. He then graduates in Audiovisual Direction at the “Scuola di Cinema,Televisione e Nuovi Media” in Milan. In 2006 he studied at the Scuola Holden in Turin, and took a Master degree in writing with Werner Herzog. He took a second Master degree in editing and digital post-production at the Aula Tematica in Madrid. In 2007 he founded the production company Papavero Films, that is mainly engaged in documentary production and distribution. His fimography includes: La culla delle aquile (2008), Miradas a Madrid (2007) and Immaginandosi la storia (2006).

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