Gilles Chappaz

France / 2008 / 52'

Terray. This name sounds like a challenge and evokes deep respect in each mountaineer’s memory. To everybody Lionel Terray will forever be the "Conqueror of the useless", an example of a generous and mature mountaineer, far from egocentrism or ambition. Not only a pioneer and witness of mountaineering history, Terray is also remembered as a man and master more than an athlete. Forty years after the tragic death of this extraordinary mountaineer and guide, who loved to consider himself just “a simple mountain dweller”, his old friends and the youngest generation of mountaineers get together in this film to celebrate and remember his heritage. La Voie Terray is based on original documents of his time, film extracts and exclusive images.


Gilles Chappaz

Born in 1953 in Chamoniard, France, Gilles Chappaz is a journalist, television consultant, ski instructor and member of the Higher Council of Mountain Sports. He is the film producer for Migoo Productions, which specialises in making mountain films. He works on the production of France 3’s programme Montagne Magazine. As a director, he has made a host of documentaries and films about skiing and the mountains, including Sur le fil des 4000, Lignes de Pente, Berhault, La Voie Terray and Extrement Votre. He has taken part in numerous editions of the Trento Film Festival.

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