Baldovino Midali

Italy / 2008 / 30'

Water is the main topic of this film. Water is a vital element of the Earth, an irreplaceable resource for every living creature and universal wealth, but also an environment for life, around and within which an extraordinarily fascinating world comes to life, full of curiosities and mystery. The wildlife that originated and lives thanks to this element is a precious gift, but very often is so fragile, with a delicate mechanism that it is in risk of irreversible change and damage during every season. The aim of the film is to raise the audience’s interest in this element and strengthen an attitude of deep respect towards the mountains that are jealously guarding its secrets. Even the smallest gesture of care towards this world, so extraordinary and lively, takes on a great significance and allows us to be in harmony with its spirit, making us feel part of the mystery and its beauties.


Baldovino Midali

He was born in Branzi, in the province of Bergamo (Italy) in 1959. He is a photographerand professional cameraman. He specialises in wildlife and provides video and photographic material about nature for several public organisations and magazines including Vivere la montagna, Airone, Oasis and Panda Oggi. He collaborates with national publishing houses and photo studios. Moreover, he works for the main national broadcasters, RAI and Mediaset, providing services, footage and documentaries. His documentary films include: La natura in primo piano and La natura ci sorprende.

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