L'altra cara de la Forca


Spain / 2008 / 56'

The protagonists of this film are four contemporary climbers who are going to climb the North face of a mountain which until then was considered ‘mission impossible’ because of three previously failed attempts. They are using the same technical equipment that was used in 1928. It is a story of determination, perseverance and the desire to discover unknown worlds; a story of courage, of overcoming one’s limits, of risk and faith in one’s own capacities, of personal achievement and group work. It is an example of how the combination of power and intelligence, youth and experience, personal and shared knowledge is the best guarantee to successfully overcome any challenge and win over the fear of the gap which divides the old from the new, the known from the unknown. The story demonstrates that any mountain, whether physical or psychological, has several routes that can be ascended. These ideas are what gave the impulse to climb in this way, inspiring the group of mountaineers led by Luís Estasen, a great Spanish mountaineer and the main protagonist of the story.



He graduated in Medieval History at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and then attended the Phd course in Archaeology and Medieval documentation, followed by his degree in Multimedia studies at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. After his archaeological research at sites in Spain and documentation work at the Royal Archives of Aragon, he became editor and responsible for interactive projects for Multimèdia Interacción (Barcelona). Since 2003 he has been director, producer and screenwriter at the production company Fanàtik Visual.

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