L'eau qui fait tourner la roue

Jean François Amiguet

Switzerland / 2008 / 19'

For three generations the members of the Crisinel family have lived following the rhythm of the water creek flowing near their farmstead, located not far from the large crossroads at the foot of the Jura Vaudois. This family settled there to work in the fields in 1900. In those times the mill and the sawmill, still working today, functioned thanks to the water energy derived from the Morvaz, a little creek flowing with water both in summer and winter. The windmill was secondary to the cultivation of the land and thanks to the income derived from the former it was possible to implement some improvements in the farmstead. The film is both the portrait of an ancient peasant activity and a modern man with his passion for do-it-yourself work. From the ecological point of view his 19th century rustic installation, renovated with great care and respect for its old structure, still offers several advantages today.


Jean François Amiguet

He was born in Vevey in 1950. He graduated in Political Sciences from the University of Lausanne. He worked as a technician on the films of Alain Tanner, Marcel Schupbach and Yves Yersin, before becoming himself a director in 1971. He made Petit film ordinaire, a short documentary film and in 1983 directed his first full-length film, Alexandre. His worldwide fame came five years later with La Meridienne selected at Cannes Film festival. He has always been fond of the mountain and made several reports for "Rumantcha" Swiss Television, particularly for the programme Passe-moi les jumelles. In 2004 he was awarded the Città di Bolzano Golden Gentian at TrentoFilmfestival with the film Au sud des Nuages.

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