Klaus T. Steindl

Austria / 2008 / 52'

"Snow" is a word that evokes a series of different emotions and feelings in each of us. We associate snow with the situations we have experienced throughout our life, but also with apparently inexplicable deep states of mind. This particular natural phenomenon brings memories of our childhood, the Christmas atmosphere, or skiing, but also the feelings of risk and cold. What lies behind those small and perfect flakes? What makes this element so fascinating for living creatures, despite the inconvenience it may cause? And why does snow surprise us when it falls, leaving us in astonishment every time?


Klaus T. Steindl

He is an Austrian producer and screenwriter. He collaborates with major production companies and television broadcasters, such as ORF in Vienna. His filmography as a film-maker includes: Das Geheimnis der Gärten (2000), Komponisten auf der Spur - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (2001), Peter Rosegger- Waldbauernbub und Revolutionär (2005), Die Vampirprinzessin (2007) and Menschen und Mächte - Erzherzog Johann. Der erste Großbürger (2008).

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