Natsu no Utage

Hiroshi Toda

Japan / 2008 / 72'

Hirata and Kageyama have been longstanding friends since their childhood. Now in their old age they have retired from their jobs and decide to take a trip together, leaving all worries behind. During their journey they take their time to relax, have a good chat or rest. They talk about the old days, just joking around and laughing. However, they only have one problem: the food is poor as they have to camp out along the way and the meals are definitely not their best. The situation seems to change dramatically when they find a restaurant in a remote place. Of course they did not know at that time that this was just the beginning of a bizarre and unforgettable experience that would unfold around them.


Hiroshi Toda

Hiroshi Toda was born in Fukui, Japan in 1951. He lives in Kyoto where he is the manager of a psychiatric clinic. After his technical studies, he worked as a skilled craftsman of precision tools, and then began to study nursing sciences. He graduated at Fukui Prefectural Nursing College, and next to his profession as a male nurse he cultivated his passion for video and film-making.
He participated in several European film festivals and his filmography includes: Shunsetsu (2003), Sakura no Kage (2006), Kugatsu no Kioku (2007), Haru no Kouen (2007), Jyunigatsu no Sora (2007) and Hariko no Tora (2008).

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