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Okatar Štĕrba

Czech Republic / 2008 / 25'

Otakar Štĕrba’s documentary film takes us on a journey to the highest mountains of Pakistan to report on some important humanitarian enterprises. The first is the construction and installation of water pipes in a village located in an inaccessible area at high altitude. Another mission is about the difficult delivery of packages of food, toys and other items coming from European children and destined for children living in precarious conditions in those isolated areas. Finally, the construction of a medical centre, thanks to which, and for the first time, no children will die during the winter.


Okatar Štĕrba

Otakar Štĕrba was born in Brno, Czech Republic in 1933. He is a famous and greatly respected ecologist, appreciated in his country for his work in defence of the environment and the reintroduction of protected animal species faced with extinction. He has always been engaged in the study of environmental issues, especially concerning water in the continental areas. His first films date back the eighties, including The Big River and The Large Regional Ecosystems in collaboration with Krátk Film Praha. Later he collaborated with the Czech National Television, making The Czechoslovakian Women in the Himalayas (1985) and writing countless series of documentary films for television. Between 2005 and 2007 he made the documentary film The Hospital at the World´s end.

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