Italy / 2008 / 52'

Even mad people can do extraordinary things. This is the case with Pier Gianni Burreddu: he crossed the Atlantic Ocean on board a sailing boat with other men and women suffering from mental problems. He played his base guitar to dolphins and whales, came out of storms unscathed, but most important, he was able to openly face up to his illness. This documentary is about Pier Gianni’s journey on board the “crazy boat” across the Atlantic Ocean- from Cadiz to the Antilles. The day when the crew left the Spanish coast behind them heading South-West, Pier Gianni did not imagine that the ocean route was actually taking him back home to Sardinia. During the crossing Pier retraced his story: the tormented relationship with his parents, his mental illness, the electroshock therapy, the many hospitalisations, but also the vital power of his music. Coming ashore in the new world he would find the courage and the desire to go back to Sassari where it had all begun many years before.



Juliane Reinert Biasi (Merano 1962)
She is an artist, photographer and documentary film-maker. She studied at the Art school in Trento and graduated in Modern languages specialising in geo-anthropology. She attended cinema courses of the itinerant Circus Holden School in Turin and a course in cinema screenplay with Angelo Orlando. She works as a freelancer, always focusing on the relationship between man and the environment. She is an experienced hiker on the Alps and Himalayas and traveled a lot in Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa making documentaries for the television. Her agency, Kuraj, collaborates with Rai and Mediaset. In 2007, with the film Lezione di fine anno, she was awarded the Solidarity prize at TrentoFilmfestival.
Her filmography includes: Le vie della steppa (2003),Sibir il vagabondo (2004-2005), Lezione di fine anno (2007) and La fortezza invisibile (2008).


Sergio Damiani (Milan 1965)
He is a journalist and documentary film-maker. He graduated in political sciences. In 2001 he crossed Mongolia by horse, documenting the life of the last nomads by becoming one himself. The result was the documentary film Le vie della steppa (Rai Tre). He made the TV series Sibir il vagabondo, four-legged travel stories (Rai Tre). In Africa, in a Renault 4 car, he followed the traces of the second-hand car dealers of Europe who trade the large African markets, in Desert traders.
His fimography includes: Skodawerke, Lk72 (2001), 9 secondi (2002), Le vie della steppa (2003), Sibir il vagabondo (2004-2005) and La fortezza invisibile (2008).

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