Elina Hirvonen

Spain, Morocco / 2007 / 51'

In the first journey we travel along the route of tomato trucks to Almeria, Spain, where illegal immigrants from Africa work in greenhouses. The second journey takes us to Morocco, where numerous immigrants are willing to do anything to get to Europe. We meet Adam, who has escaped war in the Ivory Coast. Now he is living in hiding along with numerous other refugees and immigrants and constantly fearing violence from local authorities. The third journey takes us through the desert to Bakary, in a village on the border of Mali and Mauritania where the desert is believed to ruin the possibility of human life in the village.


Elina Hirvonen

Elina Hirvonen is a journalist, writer and film director. Her first novel, “When I Forgot”, was published in 2005. She studied documentary cinema at the “UIAH University of Arts”, Helsinki, and made her directorial debut with “Three Wishes” (2003). She currently lives in Zambia.

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