Thomas Hies, Jens Monath

Germany / 2008 / 88'

How will our children live in 2032? The documentary film, Rückkehr der Sintflut, starts with this question and tries to show the consequences of climate change occurring on our planet. The possible future scenarios are many and dramatic. In this film, the experts distinguish and develop three particular situations in different parts of the world, which are very far from one another: Cologne in Germany, a village in Bangladesh and New York. We will follow the destiny of three children in these locations: Christopher, Fatima and Louisa. The first experiences the flooding of the Rhine that causes not only casualties and terrible damage, but also the lack of drinking-water and spread of diseases. Fatima and her family, on the other hand, must escape from their village. As a consequence of flooding, a mass exodus towards the Western world is about to begin. New York is instead stricken by repeated storms and tornados. Little Louisa, like thousands of her peers, is affected by a dangerous tropical disease transmitted by insects. Internationally renowned meteorologists and scientists comment on these scenarios in fictional settings, but shown using archive material of real natural catastrophes.


Thomas Hies

Thomas Hies, born in 1967, is a German television writer and director. After his studies in Advertising, Law and Political Sciences, he started to work as a radio reporter for Hessischer Rundfunk. Then he started work for television as a writer and editor, first at a regional then at a national level. Since 1995 he has been an independent producer. He collaborates with ZDF and ARTE television.

Jens Monath

Jens Monath is a German journalist, author, script-writer and director. In 2007 he made two documentaries for Germany’s state broadcaster ZDF: “The Return Of The Flood” on humanity’s destiny in the wake of climate change, and “Journey Through A Forbidden Land” set in Bengal and Ladakh, India. In 2009, he took part in the 57th TrentoFilmfestival with “Rückkehr der Sintflut”.

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