RUGANT Lavorazione del maiale nel Trentino

Gianfranco Dusmet, GIOVANNI KEZICH

Italy / 2008 / 48'

The domestic preparation of the swine is still an important part of the annual production cycle in some farms in Trentino. The slaughtering and butchering of the animal is followed by the meticulous and precise preparation in a different sequence, according to the food tradition. This film shows the whole production process, from the slaughtering of the swine to the final product, following a set of images and sounds, which are often coarse but surprisingly ritualistic.


Gianfranco Dusmet

In 1980 he started to work in television first as a cameraman, then in editing and finally as director. He has worked for several programmes for RAI and Mediaset and for many documentaries about sport, current affairs, art and culture. Over the past years, many of his productions have been selected by several festivals in Italy (Trento, Turin, Palermo, Venice, Milan, Asolo) and abroad (Jaca-Spain, Banff-Canada, Les Diablerets- Switzerland). He received several awards including the Swiss “Grain d’Or” for the short El Mazzarol and in Spain the “Trofeo del Consejo Superior de Deportes” for the sport documentary Marcialonga ‘92. Last year he made and produced a report from Israel about instances of peaceful co-existence
between Palestinians and Israelis, which was broadcast on Rai 3.


He studied anthropology in Siena and London and graduated with a dissertation research on peasant poets and popular rhyme. Since 1991 he has been director of the Museum of Costumes and Traditions of the Trentino People of San Michele all’Adige, the important museum for the ethnographic preservation founded by Giuseppe Sebesta. He also coordinates the Permanent workshop of Alpine ethnography (SPEA) with Pier Paolo Viazzo. He has created, produced and directed several anthropological films, including Mondent, il lavoro della malga (2005). In 2007 he founded Eurorama, the section dedicated to the best of European ethnographic films, included in the TrentoFilmfestival.

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