Alberto Fasulo

Italy / 2008 / 90'

A documentary film in poetic style with the power to tell of a secret place, an almost hidden North-Eastern area, uncertain but at the same time vigorous. Rumore bianco is a tribute to the history witnessed by the river Tagliamento, to the land across which it flows and to its people. It is a film dedicated to the river originating from a careful and poetic look at the Italian territory and a deep meditation on it. The director retraces his origins, the places and atmosphere where he grew up and researches and a rediscovers the endless natural and human universe represented by the river Tagliamento. A deeply Italian river but which is also connected to European nature: in fact it is an aisle connecting the middle of the continent to the Mediterranean Sea. Along a border territory where silence and submerged energies intermingle, the “King of the alpine rivers” flows. Backbone of a region which was a junction and crossroads in European history, the river is the protagonist of a tale that investigates the power of nature and its resistance, to the everyday life of men, women, and their most stubborn forms, because “water is endowed with memory”.


Alberto Fasulo

Alberto Fasulo was born in San Vito al Tagliamento. He started his training in cinema by studying the work of the greatest internationally renowned documentary film-makers. He was assistant director in several films including Chiusura, Pietre Miracoli, Petrolio e Bianciardi. He collaborated with other directors, including Francesca Comencini, and as assistant cameraman in the film Mobbing, produced by BiancaFilm/RaiCinema/BIM and as a cameraman for the short-length film Anna vive a Marghera, produced by ZENTROPA (Denmark). He was cameraman in L’Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio by Agostino Ferrente and in 2004 was director and producer of Cos’È che cambia, a passionate documentary film about his hometown. He is producer and collaborator of Gian Enrico Bianchi in the documentary film A filo d’acqua.

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