segar- gizzar - batter; in omagi a la fautsch

Bertilla Giossi

Switzerland / 2008 / 25'

This film is dedicated to the scythe. To scythe is not only a mechanical agricultural action, but is an ancient ritual art. Today the scythe is still a tool that means contact with the earth for farmers, highlighting their relationship with nature, joy and working for their crops. No two scythes are the same. Each farmer used to inherit the traditional scythe belonging to their family or would find one, which suited their needs as closely as possible. Some would even make a brand new one by hand. Today there is still a generation of farmers who have made that precious tool by themselves, still possessing the manual skills necessary. Today, in Switzerland, the scythes are no longer made by hand. In Austria there are still two factories that make about one thousand pieces a year. A journey into the discovery of this tool, not long ago essential for man and which is today considered a nostalgic utilitarian item for museums.


Bertilla Giossi

Bertilla Giossi was born in Rueras, Switzerland in 1961. After studying at the Universit├Ąt Z├╝rich, from 1991 to 1997 she worked in the editorial staff of Radio Rumantsch. Since 1998 she was editor and director of documentaries for the Television Rumantscha, where she has been producer since the beginning of 2009. Her fimography includes: Curaschi civil (2002), ArchitecTour de Suisse: Bearth&Deplazes (2002), Gea, jau vi - nozzas a Falera ier ed oz (2005), Minoritads en l'Europa: Cornics da la Gronda Britannia (2006), Svizra Misteriusa: la diala alpina (2007) and La Donata (2008).

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