Alper Özcan

Turkey, Germany / 2008 / 106'

Yusuf is still a young man, but his lungs are not functioning as they should. He went to school but nonetheless he had no future after being jailed in Turkey for ten years for fighting for democracy while a student. After living a nightmare for years, he managed to get released from prison because of his severe illness. When he left the prison he went back to his native village in the mountains, north of the Black Sea. His father had already died and his old mother looked after the household by herself with the only hope that she would be able one day to see her beloved son once again.


Alper Özcan

Alper Özcan was born in Artvin, Turkey in 1975. He studied physics and history at the University of Istanbul. In 1999 he began work as an assistant director and production director making several full-length films and TV series. At the same time he collaborated as a critic for the cinema magazine Yeni Films. In 2001 he made his debut as a film-maker with the short-length film Grandmother, the first Turkish film shot entirely in hemsin, a dialect spoken in the North-East of the country. This debut earned him several prizes thanks to which he obtained sponsorship from the Turkish Ministry of Culture for his first full-length film, Sonbahar. Alper Özcan also made two documentary films: Voyage in the Time with a Scientist (2002) and Rhapsody and Melancholy in Tokai City (2005).

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