Italy / 2009 / 30'

Free climbing at all costs, outlining routes on the walls as if they were works of art, in a style rediscovering the charm of adventure: “Via di testa, 8b+” in Val d’Adige and “Via la perla preziosa, IX+” on Sas dla Crusc, Val Badia, opened by Nicola Tondini and Nicola Sartori. Discover the reasons, motivations and points of view of this search with the contribution of world famous climbers and mountaineers. The protagonists of this documentary film are: Nicola Tondini, Nicola Sartori, Adam Holzknecht, Armando Aste, Erri De Luca, Fausto De Stefani, Johanna Ernst, Rolando Larcher and Silvia Metzeltin.



He is a climber and a mountaineer and for many years has dedicated himself to shoot several types of documentary film, especially with social and ethnographic topics. His filmography includes: Sognare Nepal, Tassano (screened in New York at the UN headquarter, at the 45th Session of the Commission for Social Development and at the 2008 World Business Forum in Milan) and Strong without violence.

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