Daniele Torresan

Italy / 2008 / 59'

The alpine ridge between Trentino and Veneto provides inspiration to explain important historical facts, showing the landscapes and discoveries that point to the existence of whole families and communities in a still little known alpine area. The life of these people and their relationship with nature in a frontier land, are narrated through the historical new readings of important documents from 14th to 19th century. The economy linked to the woods and pastures, and the work in this alpine area are described, taking into consideration the rich historical past: conflicts between the different authorities such as the Veneto Republic and the Austrian Empire, revisions and agreements about the border and imposition of taxes and imperial duties. In addition, the description and characteristics of the landscape can help to promote these alpine areas that not only have important historical interest but natural beauty and hiking opportunities.


Daniele Torresan

He attended the Conservatory of Music of Venice where he completed a course in Electronic Music. He made compositions for computer and he played in concerts at the “Venice Biennale” and other Festivals of Contemporary Music. He was teacher and collaborator at the “Centro di Sonologia Computazionale” of the University of Padua (Computer sound centre) in the ’80s. Since 1982 he has worked for RAI in radio-television production where he does the editing and sound for programmes for regional and national television stations. Since the beginning of 2008 he has been director of television programmes at RAI in Trento.

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