Kimon Tsakiris

Greece, Germany / 2006 / 59'

In the Greek village of Zacharo, men have a serious problem. Women are fleeing the area in search of work or marriage in the big cities. Their cunning mayor promises the men to find them wives in order to get re-elected. He contacts the mayor of the Russian town of Klin, who gathers 100 young women looking for foreign husbands. The men of Sugartown start for a great journey to find their future wives.


Kimon Tsakiris

Kimon Tsakiris (1974) studied filmmaking in the UK, Spain and the Netherlands. At the University of Barcelona he produced a series of documentaries together with “The Audiovisual Techniques Research Team”. His first documentary “The Stranger”, a documentary about alienation leading to xenophobia, received a special mention from the film critics at the “Drama International Film Festival” (2004).

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