Jérôme Bouvier

France / 2007 / 52'

This film tells of the pre-production phase, the search for a location and the approaching of the fox, which is the protagonist of the acclaimed film by Luc Jaquet La volpe e la bambina. For five months the four producers lived in the land of the foxes to make the magic encounter between the fox and cinema come true, and to capture exclusive images of the behaviour of these animals. Each member of the film crew has their own expertise: Jerome, documentary producer, lived in the Antarctic for 13 months; Cyril has a lot of experience in filming wild animals and knows the world of the fox very well. Filming this type of animal is obviously quite difficult and demands not only great skills but also great patience and love for them and their natural habitat. The set was chosen with the utmost care after several months of location investigations across Europe – from Norway to Romania. Finally the producer and director, Jérôme Bouvier, found the “perfect” forest in Abruzzo. Here, the foxes that have been protected for a hundred years, live in large groups and the people in all the local villages speak of magic legends about them.


Jérôme Bouvier

Bouvier graduated in biology and is a film-maker and producer. He has collaborated with the major international production companies, such as National Geographic, Canal+ and Discovey Channel. His filmography as a director includes: Face à face avec l’ours polaire (2004), Sur le territoire des mangoustes naines (2003), Vie sauvage dans les roseaux (2002), Le léopard de mer, seigneur des glaces (2002), Le dernier des Grands Hamsters (2000) and La mare aux araignées (1999).

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