Georghita Cornel

Romania, Italy / 2007 / 52'

At the beginning of the last century, Romanian peasants discovered the solemn music of the military bands when they went into the cities. They were so impressed by these that they wanted to have brass bands in their villages as well. With the arrival of the communists, these popular brass bands were invited to participate at official events. The regime confiscated their land, built immense industrial complexes and many of the farm-workers became factory workers. The brass bands then became a symbol of the people’s well-being and the brotherhood between the farm and factory workers. With the fall of the Communist regime, many factories closed down…


Georghita Cornel

Cornel Gheorghita worked as a photo reporter for several magazines in Bucharest and from 1985 to 1989 as an engineer for “Cinema Centre” in Bucharest; produced (as well as filming) fiction & documentaries. In 1990 he emigrated to France. Since 2001 he is a teacher at “ETPA - School for Audiovisual”. Selective Filmography: “Masquerades”, “Eh Joe”, “Farewell to love”, “Luna Porc”, “The Day Begins at Night”, “The Wreck”.

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