Peter Mortimer, Nicholas Rosen

United States / 2008 / 60'

The Sharp End deals with the story of some climbers who want to push themselves beyond their limits, thus risking a lot, even their lives. Everything is in jeopardy, balanced around the thin line that in extreme sport separates success from failure. Leaving the traditional routes behind, they venture on an enterprise that seriously tests their physical and mental strength. Through their fears they also discover their uncertainties and the consequences that lie behind each of their extreme climbs. The film follows the feats of Dean Potter, Steph Davis, Tommy Caldwell, Matt Segal, Lisa Rands, Topher Donahue, Adam Ondra and other athletes who face the bare rocks all over the world: the Italian Alps, the sandstone pinnacles of the Czech Republic, Yosemite Valley, Utah desert and Colorado Rocky Mountains.


Peter Mortimer

Peter Mortimer lives in Colorado where he founded an adventure film production house, Sender Films. He has produced and directed a range of documentaries on rock climbing, winning more than fifty awards at international film festivals. He made a major documentary on Chris Sharma, which won a Sports Emmy award for Outstanding Camerawork. Mortimer graduated in Geology from Colorado College and took a Masters at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. In 2013 he took part in the Trento Film Festival with the award winning Honnold 3.0 and La Dura Dura.

Nicholas Rosen

Nicholas Rosen is a writer, screenwriter and producer. He graduated in Political Sciences at the Colorado College, then followed his studies in International and Public Relations at the Columbia School. He has been working with the production house Sender Films since 2005.

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