Alessandro Miniotti

Italy / 2009 / 24'

Try Again takes its inspiration from the willingness to talk about the little known or promoted sport in Italy, snowboarding. It shows the audience the truest and most spontaneous side. For its author snowboarding is a fascinating and intriguing world, at times even dangerous, but separated from the logic of the competitions. The protagonists of the video are professional and non-professional athletes who experience snowboarding in its purest and wildest form. The other protagonist is the snow-covered mountain and its curves, lines and slopes. Through experience and imagination snowboarding has an inclination to combine nature with artificial structures, in search of the best conditions and the most wonderful and pleasant acrobatics.


Alessandro Miniotti

Alessandro Miniotti was born in Turin 1981. He has loved photography and sport since he was a child. After several years as a semi-professional snowboarder, he decided to work on photography and videos. Alongside the Zombies (makers of Italy’s best extreme sports films), he completed his first two projects on snowboarding: Prosit (2005) and Some splash (2006). He has worked with a variety of production companies on television spots and promotional videos. In 2006, he founded his own production company Randomvideo Productions.

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