Unaza fort, l'anello forte


Italy / 2008 / 40'

Marzia Pellegrino, riding a wave of emotion experienced when reading “L’anello forte” by Nuto Revelli and fascinated by the feminine stories told by her friend Neta about her homeland, Albania, decides to go with her friend to Staike, her home village North of Scutari. The film describes women’s situation today and makes us think of our past and better understand the social issues of entire generations of migrants. The author meets the women from Albania thanks to the help of Neta who also translates the questions and answers: long interviews where women of all ages talk about themselves. The editor alternates the voices, without narration thus creating a choral sensation highlighted by the original music and guitar of Luca Allievi. Stories from yesterday through the current events of today: this is what the documentary is about, in a feminine dimension that is also present in the production. The shooting was made by the writer herself, busy in the different locations where she had to take all her children, thus stressing once more how difficult it can be to manage and find a balance between family and work.



Since 1990 Marzia Pellegrino has shared with Sandro Gastinelli, her husband, the passion for the tale through the images of the people in the Western Alps, where they live in the chestnut wood of Rosbella di Boves with their two children and only 3 other inhabitants. Their passion soon became their job, a continual search in the territory: in over ten years they have shot about a dozen documentary and fictional films which have participated in some of the most renowned mountain film festivals, receiving several international awards in Trento, Cervinia, Les Diablerets and Autrans. In 2000 they “made up” the Rosbella Film Festenàl, on their doorstep, “the smallest film festival in the world”. Since 2007 they have been artistic directors of the video-cinematographic section of Cuneo mountain festival. They participated in TrentoFilmfestival with Parla de Kyé (1997), Mari, monti e … gettoni d’oro (1999), Aiga d’en viage (2000), Arriverà il sole (2001) Pastres de Sambucanos (2002), Piròt, en fièt d’en bot (2003), A l’avirùn ed l’àibu (2003), Marghè marghìer (2005) and OSSignùr! La montagna assistita (2008).

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