Germany / 2009 / 53'

Going up the mountain had always been important in Nigg’s life, until a serious disease made him dependent on others and unable to move. But, his attraction for the mountain is more alive and stronger than ever. With other sick and disabled people in wheelchairs and with sixteen volunteer prisoners from Berna prison, Nigg takes part in a trek on the Bernese Oberland. The road is hard and challenging: the participants have to face extremely steep uphill tracks, a glacier and slopes covered by gravel. The meeting of two very different human groups, both held captive and who must come to terms with other people, reveals deep feelings. Friendships begin and develop, during an experience where everyone tries to gain their own identity and independence, shedding the burden of the everyday life. The shared challenge of the mountain leads the participants to help each other, even if they don’t know each other, leaving behind their personal situations for the pleasure of sharing a common goal with new friends. The director follows the group throughout the whole trek and tells of the mountain seen by these unusual men, with a discrete and never patronising point of view.



Sylvia Rothe was born in Hoyerswerda (Germany) in 1963. She studied mathematics in Berlin and worked in the Information Technology field. She shot her first movie in 2005. Her filmography includes: Wolkenschafe, Sieben Tage auf 48 Rädern, Der Weg nach Norden, Manuel und die Wolkenschafe, which participated in the 56th TrentoFilmfestival and Einer trägt des anderen Last.

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