Italy / 2007 / 57'

The women of San Costantino and San Paolo Albanese, in the Basilicata, sing with their acute and lacerating voices. They sing the olden “”vjeshet”, passed down from mother to daughter, that tell of the flight of refugee Albanians to southern Italy five centuries ago. But they are also a means of release to alleviate the fatigue of working in the fields they “bounce” songs from one hill to another. In the 1954 the anthropologist Ernesto De Martino organised an expedition into the hinterland of Lucania to record the “vjeshet”. Stories of courageous and ironic women, stories of emigration and return told during the passage of a summer, through simple and daily encounters that awaken memories, the joy and hardness of lives of everyone of them.



Rossella Schillaci was born in Torino (Italy) in 1973, attended “I Cammelli” Video School and earned a masters degree in Visual Anthropology at Manchester in 2000. She made her directorial debut with the awardwinning Ascuntami (2000) followed by Pratica e Maestria (2005). She has co-directed productions for RAI and Endemol. Her TV documentary “Living Beyond Borders” (2004) was filmed in India.

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