Vnà - in vitg in hotel

Susanna Fanzun

Switzerland / 2008 / 26'

Vnà - Ein Dorf wird zum Hotel tells of a group experiment that is being carried out in a small village in the Swiss Alps. Vnà is a small village in Engadina, in South-Eastern Switzerland, inhabited by a community of about seventy people. It is an isolated village, located in a rather wild area that is difficult to access. Depopulation has been going on for years and only tourism can revitalise this village, socially and economically. Therefore the whole community decides to collaborate in turning the village into the first “hotel-village”. Vnà thus becomes a large unique accommodation facility for tourists, providing holiday apartments, restaurants, and reception services. The Chasa Piz Tschütta in the centre of the village becomes the information point and cultural centre, and all the inhabitants can host tourists and organise leisure activities for them during their stay. This project is in constant growth and development and has already become an example for the development of the mountain economy.


Susanna Fanzun

Susanna Fanzun was born in Unterengadin, Switzerland in 1963. She has worked at Radio e Televisiun Rumantscha for eighteen years and made shorts and documentary films. Her filmograhy as a director includes:Verstummt, verstaubt, wiederbelebt (1997), Der lange Weg zum Licht (1998), Nos Alberto (2001), Eine wundervolle Reis (2003), Wunschtraum Kinder (2004), Dumeng Raffainer (2005), Sgrafits (2006) and Die Frau mit dem Gemshorn – ein Garten in N.Y. (2007).

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