Sonja Wyss

Switzerland / 2008 / 70'

A man, a woman and their four daughters live in a small wooden house in a mountain village. Their deep catholic faith and their superstitions strongly influence their daily life. After the man’s accidental death on a mountain track, his wife and four girls remain alone, closed in their sorrowful and silent mourning, interrupted only by their prayers. During this very long period of grief, that seems endless, some strange figures appear - the deer-men. These mysterious and imaginary figures join in with the mourning of the four young girls and hide some obscure secrets. They are not mythological figures at all, but men of flesh and bone, who wake the girls from their stupor and arouse hidden desires in them. Brought up with absolute moral rigidity and lack of affection, for these women it is really high time to move on, make peace with their true nature and get rid of the too restricting family ties.


Sonja Wyss

She was born in Freeport, in Bahamas in 1967. She studied Figurative Arts at the Höheren Schule für Gestaltung in Zurich, at the School of Design of Rhode Island (U.S.A.) and the Gerrit Rietveid Academy of Amsterdam. Since 1996 she has devoted herself to artistic and video-making activities, shooting short-length films and producing video-installations. Winterstilte is her first full-length film.

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