Declaration of immortality

Marcin Koszalka

Poland / 2010 / 29'

Is sport art? Or is it simply investing all your love for something in achieving a single goal? The star of this story is Polish climber Piotr “Mad” Korczak, but somewhere in the background is his rival Andrzej Marcisz. The director focuses on the decline of Korczak’s career, but also encourages reflection on a future when he will no longer be able to climb. This touching film bears witness to our inability to accept getting old and our powerful desire for immortality.


Marcin Koszalka

Marcin Koszałka was born in Kracow in 1970. After graduating from the faculty of radio and television at the University of Silesia, he worked as a cameraman for fiction programmes and as a documentary director. He has been given numerous awards at international festivals, including Nyon, Berlin, Gdynia, Kracow and Wrocław. His most recent films include "Let’s run away from her" (2010) and "Sentenced for a life" (2008).


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