Gaku (Peak: the rescuers)

Osamu Katayama

Japan / 2011 / 125'


Based on Shinichi Ishizuka’s ongoing manga serial “Gaku: Minna no Yama”, the film stars Shun Oguri as an experienced mountain climber and rescue team volunteer named Sanpo Shimazaki. Sanpo loves the mountains and wants as many people as possible to experience everything they have to offer—so much so that he never holds a grudge against anyone for causing an accident due to their own negligence. Even if a fellow rescuer dies, he’s the kind of man who can look toward the corpse and say “You did your best".


Osamu Katayama

Osamu Katayama was born in 1965 in the Yamaguchi prefecture. In 1986 he began working for a production company, where he dedicated his attention first to fiction and then to direction. In 2007 he began working for Asahi TV, where he still works. During his career he has directed several films and television series, including “Oyaji” (2000), “Furenzu” (2000), “Koigashitai koigashitai koigashitai”(2001), “Egao no housoku” (2003), “Hito airando” (2007), “Shukatsu no musume” (2009), “Enzeru banku: Tenshoku dairinin” (2010) and “Gaku” (2011).


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