My Beautiful Dacia

Julio Soto, Stefan Constantinescu

Romania / 2009 / 74'


“My Beautiful Dacia” is an extravagant and humoristic odyssey from Communism to Capitalism, seen from the perspective of one of Romania’s most charismatic symbols, the Dacia automobile. The film follows several Romanians – rich and poor, old and young – whose lives are interconnected by this humble car, thus showing the present transformation of Romanian society from past to present. Can this car be the right response to Romania’s social changes?


Julio Soto

Julio Soto is director, visual artist and filmmaker; his documentaries have been broadcast on TV channels like National Geographic Channel, MDR Germany, Al Jazeera and TVE Spain.

Stefan Constantinescu

Stefan Constantinescu – visual artist and film director, had exhibitions in Malmö Konstmuseum National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest and Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre and represented Romania at the Venice Biennale.


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