Saluti da Sar Planina

Erik Fusco

Netherlands / 2012 / 15'


Kosovo is the last Balkan state whose citizens are not allowed to travel freely into the European Union. What effect does this constraint have on a lonely berry-picker who lives in an isolated village in the desolate Sar Mountains in Kosovo? In stilted Italian, he recalls his happy stay in Italy before he was repatriated. He has a few regrets, but looks wryly at his situation as he hopes for a future in Europe. The EU is struggling to cope with the worst economic crisis in its history. Anti-European sentiments are gaining ground, but there is someone in Kosovo who still believes strongly in a united Europe.


Erik Fusco

Erik Fusco is an Italian-Dutch film-director. He has attended a variety of director’s courses in Amsterdam and also studied Cinema and Television at the University of Utrecht. “Saluti da Sar Planina” is his second film on Kosovo’s Sar Mountains. His other films include “Berries from Brod” (2009), “Porajmos” (2008) and “Pigeons is My Life” (2005).


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