August Pflugfelder

Germany / 2012 / 73'


When winter falls each year, millions of people flock to the Alps. However, the increasing shortage of snow is becoming a serious problem for many ski resorts. This documentary looks at the various aspects of this shortage and the main problems it causes. It is a winter journey through the Alps in the company of a large group of people who live on tourism; their business and income depend on snow. They are, however, small cogs in a much bigger system, the winter tourist industry, which is developing at increasingly dizzying speeds.


August Pflugfelder

Was born in Prien am Chiemsee, Germany, in 1976.
In 1999 he graduated in Communications and Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg and in 2002 from L'Ercole des Beaux-Art in Paris. Since 2002 he has studied Tv journalism and documentary film-making at the television and Film Accademy in Munich.
His Filmography includes "Schnee" (2012), "Andrea" (2010), "Der Jensei - Ein Leben auf der Flucht" (2008) and "Schafskälte" (2007)


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