Secrets of Dhaulagiri

Prabesh Subedi

Nepal / 2011 / 30'


Secrets of Dhaulagiri is an exploration of high Himalayan life and its various highs and lows. Thousands of lives are filled with struggle, tragedies, beliefs and hopes in the lap of Dhaulagiri (29 795 ft). The festival of extracting and drinking the blood of a live yak, in the belief that the practice will cure diseases is observed twice a year.
The weeklong carnival is an opportunity for villagers to let down their hair, enjoy the camaraderie, and experience moments they will cherish forever.


Prabesh Subedi

Prabesh Subedi graduated in Journalism from Trivuwan University, is a Kathmandu based journalist mainly works for print and online. He loves to explore the untold stories from the people of remote Himalayas.


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